Week 3_Term 4

2018 enrolments – available for kindergarten children and new families via QK Enrol

October  23, 2017

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Week 7_Term 3

for current families with children attending ONLY. No new families or kindergarten applications will be accepted. 

August 31, 2023

Week 3_Term 4

December/January vacation care enrolments via QK Enrol.

October  26, 2017

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Northmead Before and After School Care Service (NOOSH) was established to cater for the needs of working parents/carers in the Toongabbie area, whose children attend school.

The children’s ages varied from 5 to 12 years old. The Centre was sponsored by the Toongabbie Community Services Association.


On the 20th September the Centre became incorporated and the association with Toongabbie Community Services then ceased. A Management Committee consisting of volunteer parents/carers became responsible for the operation of the Centre. Although having a close and continuing relationship with Northmead Public School, the Centre’s management and operation is completely independent and continues in this fashion to this day.


Our centre continues to provide care to families at Northmead Primary School. During the years our centre has gone through a lot of changes to ensure we continue to provide the best possible care to all of our families.

In 2016 our centre underwent its first Assessment and Rating process, achieving an overall result of Meeting the National Quality Standards.


At Northmead Before and After School Care we believe in providing an environment that is safe and secure. We strive to give our children, families and educators a voice that is both heard and respected. We follow the National Regulations, Quality Area guidelines and laws as well as centre policies that reflect our daily practices.

We refer to My Time, Our Place as the foundation for our curriculum in conjunction with community input and value the diversity of our community.


Our service is dedicated to continuous improvement through reflection and feedback from our community. We believe it is important to provide an environment where children feel confident, respected and valued, promoting confidence in independent explorations and they are given the opportunity to learn through play.

It is our belief that through dedication in building trusting, respectful relationships with all our children, families and educators, we can successfully cater a curriculum that supports and extends the “whole” child for “every child”.

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