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School Care


We aim to provide a varied program of developmentally appropriate and stimulating activities for the children in our care. Our program includes both indoor/ outdoor play, opportunities for individual /group games and free play I always encouraged.

We cover all developmental areas, such as art and craft, cooking, science, music and movement, multicultural activities, dramatic play, fine and gross motor. Each term we aim to have a variety of in school visits, excursions and community visitors.

The Centre encourages Parent/Carer participation at all levels in the running of the service. This may include:

+ Membership of the Management


+ Attend Committee meetings

+ Offer suggestions about the


+ Using the suggestion box suggest


+ Volunteer for working bees

+ Sharing information about your

   child with the Director/staff

+ Completing parent surveys to

   get feedback

+ Assist in fund raising activities

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The centre is an approved centre and families can claim CCB if entitled.