Terms & Conditions



I, THE UNDERSIGNED Parent/Guardian, acknowledge that;

  • If a permanently booked day falls on a public holiday, fees will still apply.

  • I must give 1 weeks (5 working days) written notice to cancel permanent bookings.

  • I must contact the centre if my child will be absent on a booked day.

  • If there is not a place available for my child/ren, my child/ren will be placed on a waiting list.


  1. I accept and will follow the policies, procedures and Education and Care Services National Regulations that the centre implements. These ensure the smooth running of the centre for the children, educators and families. It is my responsibility to read these policies. I am aware that all policies can be accessed at the centre and are subject to change.

  2. I am aware that the centres handbook is available for me to access. I have received a copy along with the enrolment form.

  3. The centres Management Committee, employees or persons authorised by them will not accept responsibility or reimburse families for the loss or damage of personal effects of my child/ren. This includes marks/stains on clothing and school uniforms due to craft activities and play.

  4. I have enclosed details of my child/ren’s additional needs and/or medical history that may affect my child’s well-being whilst at the centre.

  5. I accept responsibility for, and if deemed necessary by the Management Committee, will compensate the Centre for any loss or damage that may result from my child/ren’s actions.

  6. I acknowledge that the educators and Management Committee reserve the right to implement the Behaviour Management policy which may result in suspension.

  7. I authorise the educators or Management Committee to obtain medical, hospital and/or ambulance assistance for my child/ren as required, and therefore accept financial responsibility thereby incurred.

  8. Fees (as advertised in the Centre) are subject to review annually. I understand that I am responsible for all fees and agree to pay in accordance with the centre policy stating fees must be paid within 3 days of receiving a statement. Failure to do so may result in my child’s/children’s placement being suspended. I accept that a late fee, as displayed in the centre, will be payable should I collect my child/ren from the Centre after 6 p.m. I understand that I am liable for payment of fees even if my child/ren do not attend.

  9. I understand that Northmead Before and After school care is a committee run centre and I must attend one meeting per year, excluding the A.G.M.

  10. I understand that Northmead Before and After School Care collect only enough information from families that are required for the smooth operation of the service. This includes providing some personal details to the book-keeper so family’s payments can be processed. Families personal information will only be passed on to another party with your written consent or where required by law.


Non - compliance of any of the above conditions will result in the attendance of your child/ren at the centre being reviewed. Non – compliance of any points in the parent handbook or the centres policy manual (located in the parent library near the sign in table) will result in the attendance of your child/children at the centre being reviewed.

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